Friday, September 28, 2012


Go....Yesterday evening started out filled with laughter and some tears as we grasp the few hours we had with our grandchildren.  All too soon it was time to take them back to their mother house.  Emmie wanted to stay all night, Austin just wanted his mommy. 

Divorce has put my grand children out of our grasp most of the time and brought an ache in our soul that I cover up with a smile. They are too young to understand why I try to grasp them so tight when it comes time for them to go. 

That normal family unit we  wanted for those Grand children is no longer there...divorce had ended that normal and brought a new normal to their lives.   One that brings fresh tear and prayers for the grace to be there for those sweet children.  So I grasp them in a huge huge, plant a kiss on their sweet face, speak positive words of love into their life and watch them leave my grasp.  They wave goodbye Grandma and Grandpa, see you next week.  Then I run into my heavenly Father arms for Him to grasp me tightly while I weep.  In His grasp I am covered with His love that gives me strength to live this new normal life.  Stop (sorry went over a 1/2 minute.

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  1. So sad. For you, your grandchildren and their parents. If only we could mend all the broken hearts and wipe away all the tears, but I guess that's God's job and His way of dealing with our sorrows isn't what we would imagine. But we trust it is the best way.

  2. Betty,

    Divorce wreaks havoc in so many more ways than expected, huh? I am so sorry for your missing of the grandkids and for your pain. My husband walks that road occasionally from his childhood, and we miss my former sister in law too.

    Blessings to you this week,
    Jennifer Dougan

  3. Betty,

    What a wonderful spirit you have - oh, to be known for being wise-hearted. I heard a speaker share how the world would have us women be like the Proverbs 7 woman, rather than the Proverbs 31 women... isn't it the truth?

    Blessings, my sister,

  4. My heart breaks with you... Only in our Father's arms can we find comfort from this fallen world.

    What a beautiful picture of a family... Not even divorce can take the love for our little ones... and the love they know they have in you and Ace.

  5. Hi Betty .. what a piercing post. You and your husband will be an anchor to these precious children .. a constant .. stable .. loving pair of arms to run to.

    Blessings to you,
    Mrs. Mac (of the Scarf Sisters)