Wednesday, October 17, 2012


(I posted this sometime in 2011. Then I accidently deleated it but recently found a rough draft tucked inside a file with no title.  As I read, the memory of the day in Wal-mart came back to me instantly.  Tears once again filled my eyes as I remembered  the sobs of this woman, how they shook me clear to my soul.  The bible says in Proverbs, Hope deferred makes the heart sick, meaning I think depressed, lose of hope.  Our God  is a God of hope and delights in using us weak and frail vessels to bring hope to others. There are so many out there needing a hug or kind words and prayer.  God help me to not pass them by. )

I only stopped for a few things and  apples were not even on my list. Trying to decide whether to purchase green or red ones I couldn’t help but notice the frail woman trying to get those impossible thin plastic bags open to put her apples in.  She was dropping as many as she was putting  in.  Her hands were shaking and she was muttering to herself words I could not understand but it was clear she was troubled


My heart went out to her since I have a mother her age and I am fastly approaching older.   I stepped up and offered to help, then I see her tears. As I bagged her apples words begin to pour from this small slightly bent woman.

She said, I cannot drive myself anymore so my husband has to take me everywhere and he is not patient.  He was waiting for her in the car and she was worried he would be upset for it was taking her longer then usual. 
He had cancer and her  health was failing fast under the strain of the stress. To make it worst she said, he does not care about my health issues.  

Nobody understands she said, with huge tears continuing to fall.  By then I had my arms around her trying to hold her shaking body together.
This verse came to me as I listened to her sob and lamenting out of  a broken heart.   Matthew 14:27 Take courage , it is I, do not be afraid.

I took ahold of  courage and ask her if I could pray for her, right there in the apples, still trembling she said, yes.   I prayed for God to ease her anxiety, calm her, soften her husband, for their health issues and the God who loved her would become real to her.     

Tears was  streaming down both our faces as we hug for a long time.   She thanked me several times and before I could talk more she said, I must go, he is waiting for me.  Walking away she turned back to say  thank you one last time.

 All it took was a few minutes and God reached down from heaven and poured hope into a frail, distraut woman standing in the middle of the apples in Wal-Mart.  

"The feeling of hopefulness sometimes comes from someone helping us. Think back to a time when you had lost hope. Many times we regained our optimism because someone gave us a helping hand." Catherine Pulsifer, from Poem for Hope

I may never see this woman again but I am so glad God placed her in my life that day to remind me to reach beyond my world.   

       Can you recall a time when someone reached beyond their world to your
                 hurting world with a hug, a kind word, a word of prayer?    

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  1. What a great story and such a tender heart! That type of thing takes boldness but also a soft heart that hears and sees people. True, you may never see her again. then may. :) Your actions may have just given her hope to keep going and persevere.

  2. I've been in tears in the Produce Dept. myself when someone like you hugged me and I will never forget it. I also hug and pray with strangers whenever I find them in distress. We must continue on to be the arms and legs of Jesus in everyday life!

  3. Bill, I so hope I see her in heaven. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Mary, your comment brought me to tears...once we have received it makes our hearts soft so we can give back to someone. Arms and legs, yes, yes, yes, for Jesus. Blessings

  5. This one has me feeling remorse for my lack of actions that you're aware of. This is a great story and reveals a great heart within you that is full of our Father's Spirit.

    This is truly uplifting... and yet saddening. If she was feeling like that about her husband, it was her reality...

    Thanks, Betty, for leading by example.

  6. Floyd, when I wrote the post out again, I thought I should have ask her if her husband was always like that. He was dealing with a life threatening illness, which could accounted for his lack of patience, he might have been in terrible pain. Young or old if we do not get some help when things have hit rock bottom then we might stay there. I am ever grateful for a good friend here in Ca and a good primary doctor that helped me when I needed it.

    As for you my brother...I read your are touching people...I admit it is easier to write our touches then to actually do the touching. And I have missed many opportunities but I am no long under comdemnation so I can repent and go on. If the emeny of our soul can keep me focus on the "I should have, or why didn't I" then I am defeated.


  7. This is such a sweet and touching story of kindness. Yes, we are all approaching "old" but with God he helps us through each day! Thank you for visiting my story about the Costco hearing aid technician who is enjoying my book so well.

  8. Hazel, I often come to your site when I want to visit new bloggers. Always come away encouraged..thanks for taking the time to set this up. You are a blessing to so many.

  9. May I invite you to enter this story on Monday evening at Tell Me a True Story. It will bless my readers.

  10. I love how God used you to provide comfort in the midst of the apples in Walmart. So beautiful.

  11. Thanks Donna for visiting my blog...

  12. That is the very thing about compassion because it does not only feel pity but acts.

    A love-moment, God-incidence and time to show the love of our Father in heaven towards the distraught. You did a whole world of good for that woman. Sometimes pride does not let us ask for help and when others give a hand, we feel self-pity and still that is pride.

    Anyway, this is a very good post, Betty, to remind us not to loose circumstances that presents, when we are needed.

  13. Hello my wise hearted friend Lolita...thanks for coming by...been thinking about you lately. Know how hard it is to not have instant internet service...Blessings