Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Better Off Without Jesus

Better Off Without Jesus...WHAT?  If I had not heard a little of Chuck Bomar story I probably would have thought this was a book about atheism.  Isn't it funny how we can judge a "book by it's cover" or title.  That's not the core of the book though or my post.  Every once in a while I read a book and  I wish I could pen the whole book on my blog.  Take a deep breathe, I am not going to do that but what I am going to do is just give you a few glimpse of something that has stirred my soul.

First chapter: Why Physical Presence Isn't Always Best: Jesus says to His disciples, "Nevertheless, I tell you it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you".  John 16:7

My thoughts on this first chapter.   Once again I was in awe of the limitations Jesus took on in a earthly body.  He could only be in one place at a time...the Son of God...think about...only one place at a time...not even a cell phone back then.   In that respect He was all human, just like us.  

The trust He had in the Holy Spirit's ability to do exactly what He said He would do is total trust.  How many times have we read God's promises and still struggle with them?  He trusted the Spirit because He knew him personally.  Not just an hi, hello, how are you knowledge or do you have a minute, I would like to tell you something.  We cannot trust someone we do not know or someone who does not do what they say they will do time and time again.  Break my trust once, I will give grace but break my trust more then once...trust broken.  HE HAS NEVER BROKE A PROMISE. 

    Here is a small portion of chapter one.  Chuck says, "One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that focusing on myself actually muffles the voice of God right out of my life.
   Our Western culture would lead us to embrace Jesus solely as a beneficial addition to our individual lives, goals and dreams.  We think we need to invite Him to join every area of our lives.  But the truth is that He calls us to join in with His.
   Understanding this difference is absolutely essential if you want to be in tune with God's voice in your life.  If you want to hear God speak to you individually, you must begin thinking beyond yourself. 
The bigger picture: As we look at Scripture, it is abundantly clear that our coming to faith isn't just for our personal gain.  It's not to make our lives better, but instead to make the excellencies of God known.  And may I add, all over the world. II Cor. 5:14-15

One of the questions Chuck ask at the end of chapter one was:  What is your biggest insecurity when it comes to hearing God speak to you? 


  1. I'm not familiar with this author, but I agree that our Western culture diminishes the way we hear from God. It's so frustrating to me. So glad you shared this.

  2. his comment "it is abundantly clear that our coming to faith isn't just for our personal gain" says it all right there. We were never meant to take it all for ourselves nor keep it there.

  3. Mary, hope you are doing well. It seems all aspects of our faith get watered down in the Western culture. One reason I think is because there is so much to distract us...blessings sister.

  4. You would enjoy his book Bill. He pastors a church in Portland. My concern is becoming dull of hearing where I will not hear the Holy Spirit say, speak out for Jesus. Thanks for stopping by brother.

  5. Hello Betty,
    I think one of the biggest insecurities when we hear God speak to us can be not taking captive every thought and bringing it into obedience to Christ.
    God bless you Betty.

  6. This is so true, if Jesus had not left this earth in his physical form, he could not have sent the Holy spirit to abide wth us. Thank you for sharing this lovely story at "Tell Me a Story."

  7. Brenda thanks for visiting my site. I think you got it right sister. If we don't take our thoughts captive the enemy of our soul will. Blessings.

  8. Hazel, you are so many outlet as we write our hearts. Loved your last post about your daughter in law. I was not reading you blog when you first posted it so it was brand new to me. Blessings

  9. Betty, what a great passage here--full of wisdom. There is certainly a HUGE difference between asking God to be part of what you're doing or turning everything over to follow Him in His life. You spoke about Jesus' trust and it struck me a few years ago the profound level of trust Jesus displayed in going to the cross. He trusted that death was not the end, that His Father had given Him the power to lay down His life and then take it back up. How many times will we avoid the cross we must carry because we "know" it will be the end of us. May we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus who trusted all the way to the cross and then rose in victory. You got me all stirred up! Thanks Betty. :)

  10. Hi Betty
    I am so sorry to hear that you also have Fibro! Yes, what a nasty thought and sleep thieve it is. But I have to admit that Fibro took me to the place Chuck is talking of; there where it is about Jesus and His ways.
    Much love XX

  11. I like it. I figured out some time ago that the scripture where Christ says, "Whatever ye ask in My name it will be given unto you," means to ask in His name means were in HIS will! Not ours! To be in His will means to be in humility!

    That book sounds great! Might have to take you up on this one!

  12. Mia...understand exactly. Chronic has a way of breaking our efforts to control. When that is broken, we hear Him much clearer. Thanks for commenting.

  13. Jason, God truth does stir our hearts like nothing else. To be like Jesus and not let the limitations of our being human get in the way of trusting Him. Thanks brother for the encouraging comment.

  14. Floyd...good thoughts. When we ask in His name there is that realization that we are letting go of our prayer for Him to work His will in our lives...another good thought brother...Thanks.

  15. Hi Betty,

    Your line "the truth is he calls us into his" is jarring in a good way, huh?

    Re your comment on my post "Restoring Romance in a Rushed and Running World," browsing bookstores is something AJ mentioned too. I agree. And thrift stores, shared hobbies, or accommodating times together are nice too.

    Nice to talk with you,
    Jennifer Dougan

  16. After reading your post, I went to Amazon and found and read up on this book and ordered it. Thanks for sharing this book. Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady