Thursday, September 5, 2013


While living in Papua New Guinea we hiked about half hour into the jungle to an old abandoned air strip where parts of a World War II plane sits being over taking by rust and vines.  This country is full of artifact from  World War II.  Old tank  tracks are on a lot of beaches,  rusted out shells.  Your first thought  when you see this stuff is, why don't theses people use this to draw tourist to their country.  Because it's an undeveloped country most of it just sits abandoned.
There are times in our life when trials come and we are confused, angry and seemingly not hearing from the Lord.  We "feel" abandoned, all on our own, forsaken or deserted like an abandoned plane.  It's in these times we need to fall back on what we do know for sure.  Though we may not always be actively aware of the Holy Spirit he is always there to give us guidance and comfort by bringing to remembrance what God has already taught us.  Waiting for God to speak in some magical way will keep us from embracing what we already know.
Chuck Bomar talks about this in his book, Better Off Without Jesus.  It's one thing to teach on truth; it's another to embrace it personally.  I always seek to embrace things before I teach on them, but the truth is, I was going to have to embrace these principals in much more intimate way that ever before.
 A desire to hear the Holy Spirit speak shouldn't lead us to beg for a new revelation  as to seek to embrace what has already been revealed.
Two principals Chuck was reminded of that is spoken over and over again in the Word. 
Denial of self and dependence on God. 
Any time we are in a crisis of faith we need a foundation as we deal with the process of the issues at hand.  
  A crisis of [faith] belief is not a calamity in your life but a turning point where you must make a decision. You must decide what you truly believe God said. (Blackaby)
When the time came for Jesus to return to heaven He did not ask the disciples to believe in who He was but what He said.  John 14:26.  They were facing a crisis of their faith and Jesus was promising them He was not abandoning them. That all He had taught them for three years was not in vain.  Truth would become solid in their hearts even if they could not touch Him physically anymore.  He had a better way to strengthen and encouraged them.

In steps the power of the Holy Spirit forever to be in the lives of every believer.  He is not hinder by space, distance or by our lack of ability,  his only hindrance is we who will not deny self and trust God.  His powers are up there with God, he knows all, sees all, works all things for our good and God's glory.  Most important is  he always lifts up Jesus.  When people say you are a Jesus person I believe the Holy Spirit smiles.  (Betty's paraphrase). 

What the lost and other Christian needs to see from us is not a person who walks around with a sad face during our trials because we "feel" abandoned.  But someone who has abandoned all to follow the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  

                        What has God taught you from your "crisis of faith"?
                                                  Need a good book: check out Chuck Bomar's...Better Off Without Jesus.




  1. I would say that is wise hearted words.

  2. Patsy, thanks for visiting my site. I can tell from yours you are creative with a green thumb. I think you mention Kentucky. Our home base is LaGrange, Kentucky. Blessings

  3. Hey Betty!

    Always good to hear your perspective on things. So many lives are like that old abandoned airport and plane. I want to be one who rescues them. I also found the book on Amazon and have it in my cart. Thanks for putting me onto this book.

  4. I don't know if I can ever be reminded of this fact too often... Amen, Betty, and thanks. Our peace and joy come from within where the spirit of our Father resides. I'm listening.

  5. Bill, I think you will enjoy his book. I am trying to be careful and not give away the "why" he wrote the book with my post. It's refreshing to read such honesty in someone life and also read how
    God took a soul willing to obey what they knew to be right.

    Thanks for doing your part of rescuing the lost brother. Look forward someday to visiting your church and hearing you preach in person.

  6. Floyd, I do believe you listen and your post attest to that fact. How you get so many points in a women and a wheel chair is amazing. Yeah you would have to be listening. Wondered how your book was coming along.

  7. That is a great photograph and message! Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. (Deut 31:6, Ps 118:6, Heb 13:5)

  8. Andre, thanks for stopping by my site. What joy that truth brings...blessings

  9. Thanks for asking about the book, Betty. It's pretty much finished. So far I've gotten some very encouraging rejection letters from agents! At this point in my life it's like water off a duck's back. I'll keep trudging ahead. Thanks for asking... guess you're listening too!

  10. Betty,
    Yes, it is always a choice to believe Jesus' words or not...and He is gracious to forgive when we fail...Grateful for His Spirit to remind us/me of truth :)

  11. Thank you, Betty.

    Instead of looking ahead, sometimes I just need a good reminder of how far God has already brought me.

    As I read through blog posts today, I keep hearing a common theme from the Holy Spirit- "God is for me!"