Sunday, January 5, 2014

Until Then

Perception is my word this year so I thought I would pick a song that gives me a Godly perception of this world today.  Nobody knows the time God will call us home so all we can  be is available for use today.   Our perceptions of God, man, sin and the future will affect what we do today.   Just listening to the words of this song and the passion these men of God sing it with gives me courage to live for the only one who counts. 
 So until then I praise Him and use every opportunity that comes my way to life Him up. 

So until then what song motivate your heart to serve Him?


  1. Love your Scripture verse, Betty!

    "Christ crucified" ...for sinners. For those who just quite cut the mustard.

    I fit in there. somewhere…I hope.

    Thanks, friend.

  2. I tried to get to this yesterday but it said the post wasn't there. You mentioned about it not being someone's cup of tea. Yeah, that's me. lol. However, the song that has been hitting me the past couple of days has been Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman "The Wonderful Cross."

  3. Thanks Steve for visiting my site. The only way we fit is through faith in Christ...He cut the "cut the mustard" as you say.

  4. Bill, I am having some computer problems, sorry you had a problem getting on my site.

    Just from reading your blog I knew the song style was not your cup of tea. . My roots are country so when I got saved that southern gospel music captured my soul. I felt God's love that He would care even about my music preference. I love the song my Tomin and Redman...the words are powerful. Yesterday at church Teen Challenge women were there singing and giving testimony. I knew none of the songs they sang but watching their faces as the sang was pure heaven. They too were feeling the love of God with the songs they chose. Glad God is not locked in on only one style, one preference. Thanks for continuing to try to get on my site. Hopefully Ace can get it fixed. Have a great day brother.

  5. My browser won't let me hear the sound for some reason, but I believe you it's a powerful song. :) I'll have to remember to look it up later. I like your word: perception. It's something we take for granted but it's huge! My song for the moment is Hillsong United's "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)." Love the reminder that He never fails and faith will move us to step out on the water. Thanks Betty!

  6. Jason, I just listened to your song for the first time, I can see why you like it. The words can be used as a prayer.
    Spirit lead where my trust is without borders
    Let me walk upon the water
    Take me deeper then my feet could ever wander ( love this line for that has been my prayer for a while, Lord, take my heart deeper in your truths so my faith will be stronger. I want to finish the race well.
    Good one Jason, thanks for sharing it.

  7. Powerful song, Betty. I can see why it speaks to many hearts. The song "YOU Are Everywhere" by Third Day has to be one of my favorite songs ever. It inspires me and speaks to my spirit the reminder that our Father is everywhere and in everything and the way the song starts small and finishes Big reminds me of His majestic sovereignty... Then Sings My Soul...

  8. Thank you for sharing this song. I enjoyed it. God is so powerful. Let us praise Him, no matter the storms that come.

    Last year God gave me the word- DEPENDENCE.
    I'm still on that word for 2014. But I also believe God wants me to learn to REJOICE as I DEPEND on Him.

    Thanks so much for sharing. God bless.

  9. Floyd, I like that song too especially one line that says, "My life has finally started". That's exactly how it felt when I accepted His love for me. This so is much fun listening to every one songs that challenge them. Third Day has a little bit of southern gospel sound to some of their songs. Thanks for commenting.

  10. TC, you took on a huge word, "dependence". Dependence will cause you to rejoice as you watch Him work out His will in your life and others. Good word, I would keep it too for another year or add to it.

    I am such a realist and the song Until Then gets to the heart of why we are here...God could have already taken us home but He loves the whole world and wants the whole world to hear the sweet old old story of Jesus and He wants to use us to tell it. Just the title challenges me.

  11. Until then I will walk today - one step at a time. We do understand that heaven is our home, BUT we must realize that the kingdom of God is within us and we must share it with others while we are here. My word is Abiding - and I desire to abide deeper in the Vine this coming year. Thanks for sharing with us here at "Tell Me a Story."

  12. Hazel, Abiding is a great word, an action word yet it contains silence as we wait on Him in most things. Abiding must go deep to withstand some of the storms life sends our way...and I think you have had many storms where God has taught you to abide. Thanks for you caring of all of us who post on your site.

  13. Betty, my word for this year is "aware." That and "perception" are cousins, wouldn't you say? The main thing I want to become increasingly aware of is Him, as He is, and His presence with me always. It is amazing me already how much this is sharpening my perception of a lot of other things!

  14. Sylvia, I think you are right my sister, aware is a cousin to perception. There are some different issue in our life that I am praying for God's perspective for them. One concerns our son and when it's comes to our kids it's so easy to just not want them to get hurt. Thanks for you comment.

  15. I am glad God's perception of me is different than reality! Redeemed -- even perfect! Wow...what a blessed life I lead!

  16. David, I am with you brother...there a song I sing called, When He See Me,
    When He see me, He sees the blood of the lamb
    He sees me as worthy and not as I am
    He views me in garments as white as the snow
    For the lamb of God is worthy and washed me this know.
    Thanks for the comment, as you can see I have not been active in writing a new post for a while, life has taken on a few more busy details that render me not able to give my whole thoughts to writing. But it's coming, got some great news to share about our prodigal son return to the heavenly Father.

  17. "Where I belong" -
    "All I know is I'm not home yet
    This is not where I belong
    Take this world and give me Jesus
    This is not where I belong"
    When some of the boys are bickering, and others are learning how to work in it - and the dog wasn't taken out in time - this song makes me smile!!!

  18. Maryleigh, thanks for sharing the song that makes you smile. I cannot even number the times I have listened to the song, Until Then but each time the Godly perspective bring peace to my life. Challenges my heart to tell others about the giver of life.

  19. Hi Betty,
    What a great word...and our perception of God does affect how we see and live our lives today...Blessings to you :) "Flourish" is my 2014 word and I still need last year's word "Trust."

  20. Betty,

    I couldn't get the link to work, but like your idea of perception. I definitely need God to shape my perceptions daily. Phew.

    How lovely to hear from you again! Thanks for your comment on my post "How to Heat Up Any Frosted marriage," :) Thank you. These are hard topics to write about and to express carefully sometimes, risking too much information or being indelicate. That's not my hope.

    Good job for your son and his ex-wife for working to reconcile, and doing the hard work. I'm proud of them. Too few do that nowadays.

    May God get wild glory through all our lives huh?

    Jennifer Dougan

  21. What a great word for the year Betty! May God give you the perception you need daily. I feel that I often need it too!

  22. Dolly, thanks for stopping by my site. It does take trusting Him to really "flourish".

  23. Jennifer, it's refreshing for me to read post on marriages. It seem the attack on the families has heated up in the last few years. But maybe it's just because living in the states we are so much more aware of it. Keep at it my wise sister...keep it before all you minister to.

  24. Caleb, I am keeping track of all that is happening in the Ukraine for I also visit another site of a wise young women living there. I will also be keeping track of your visit to Grace and hoping we can come hear you speak. Blessings brother.

  25. Hi Betty! I love that idea of living in the 'now' and leaving the past behind, and the future to the Lord's hands.
    I really love Rich Mullins, I was just listening to him in the car. Music really does lift me out of myself, and helps me to praise. What a gift it is!

    Happy Weekend!

  26. Good way Ceil to express what Godly songs do for us...lift us out of ourselves. I like Rich Mullins also. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.