Monday, May 18, 2015

Used Up


I use to say if I lived to be a hundred I might smoke again since there was a time I enjoyed a smoke after a meal.   Foolishness is not only bound up in the heart of a child but a few of us adults also. God has so changed my desires, took some away totally, like cigarettes but mostly replaced them with His desire to be a Holy vessel for  His use.  

A short study of the life of Joshua brings encouragement today:

 As a young man, Joshua was sent to spy out the promised land. Only he and Caleb believed the Israelite could conquer the enemies living there. So the people wandered 40 years until the exodus generation perished—save the two spies. Then, succeeding Moses, Joshua led Israel into the promised land. Though he was about 80, Joshua captained Israel to victory over six nations and 31 kings.

Fast-forward 20 years. Joshua 13:1 somewhat understates, “Joshua had grown old.” It is estimated he was around 100 years old. Joshua might have expected God to send him on vacation: go float atop the Dead Sea or fish in the Lake of Galilee. But God didn't offer Joshua a retirement plan. Instead he said, “There are still very large areas of land to be taken over.” Joshua’s next task was to divide the land.  

Sometimes I wonder just how much time I have left on this earth. I've looked for an expiration date but I can’t find it. One thing I do know is that I want to leave this earth having “used up” every gift, every resource…everything that He’s entrusted to my account. And that thought makes me want to love more, give more, laugh more…living every day and making it count!! I’d rather leave this earth “on fire” with nothing in my hands than just “fizzle” out holding onto what God meant for me to give away! How about you?   "Safe Haven Bible Study"

Ace and I  were just ask last week when we were going to retire.  Like Joshua, God has not offered us a retirement plan.   In this dispensation people do not live to be as old as they did back in Joshua day so we may not see 100.  But no matter my age I too want to be used up for the Lord, making every day count.  I want God to give me large areas of land to be taken over. 

          You got any plans for your "old age"?

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