Monday, June 1, 2015

Surfing the Web

Image result for pictures of surfing the webRecently I went  surfing on  a few facebook posts written by people I had never read.   Usually I don't get into trouble because I normally just read to gleam with out leaving a comment.   So when I decided to leave a comment on a certain post about the wrong in USA Christianity concerning abuse I had no idea how others response would affect me.  It was a brutal eye opener how my comment could be misunderstood,  tore apart  and  leave me with such a desire to defend myself. 

Here are some some things I learned and pray I will remember in the future. 

First, I should have read more then one post of this writer before I commented.  I would have had a better understanding  of the core of their blog.  

Second, I should have read all the comments, and the  replies by the blog writer, it  might have  stopped me from commenting.  Usually I do not use my commenting freedom to put other belief down but can be bold about my beliefs and opinions.    And  because this one was something close to my heart, abuse of children, I wrote with freedom.

Third, after reading the replies to my comment and even though I felt attacked,  I should have stop right there, let it go.  But my pride got involved and I wanted to clear up the misunderstanding and have the last word that would bring it to an end.  Another round of comments and replies took place leaving me even more frustrated.   It seems the more words I shared explaining what I felt was a misunderstanding the worst the replies were coming back to me.  Not sure how long this back and forth would have went on had I not stopped but those replying back  to me got the last word and it was not nice. 

Fourth, had I done this there would have been no need for 1-3. I should have listened to my husband after he read the post.  I think he read between the lines and knew what I was getting myself into.   Pride  struck again,  I mean I am the one who travels the blog world not him, I surely could handle a few disagreements or different opinions.  Something I read recently in a novel fits perfectly here,    "It weakens you to feel proud of yourself".

This took place about five days ago and I am still running it over in my mind.  What could I have said to lesson the misunderstanding?   Was I being offensive by my comments?  Should I have used more scripture to back up my comments? And, of course,  in my frustration the thought did come to me...I just need to get out of this blogging.  Thanks God I knew that last thought came from the enemy of my soul. 

  Since the little phrase, "make it count" has been an on going theme for me in the past six months I took courage by the fingers and went back to only read all  the comments and replies, and  found I was not the only one being "put in their place".    I have to confess I am still a little emotionally bruised but no longer feel the need to continue reading what this person writes.  and I am not shutting down my blog or my blog reading.  But I will be more careful in the future.  

Even at 68 the need to be a people pleaser came back with a rush as I struggle to explain myself so I could get a good word from those replying to my comment.   The best reply is the one I got when I went to the Lord.   “The Lord is gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and abounding in mercy and loving-kindness.” Psalm 145:8-9  
Stress comes when we allow the many voices in life to drown out the only voice that really matters, the voice of God.  
Anyone else experience something like this?  

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