Friday, August 21, 2015

A Team Effort...

Not sure why the video says 8 eight minutes on it because it is only 3 minutes and 37 seconds long.   Today I was watching some of New Tribes Missions video's thinking about which ones to share.   This one stood out because we have been on that helicopter with that pilot several times and I came to love it.  Unlike a plane the heli goes lower and slower so you can see more of God's creation.  And there is such beauty to see in Papua New Guinea but the best part was the beauty we seen  face to face  when we landed and met up with the missionaries and believers in what ever location we flew into. These folks will tell you they are  not extraordinary but their God is and it is He who they trust to do the task He has called them to.  

A team starts back in the local church, a missionary comes to visit, maybe your church supports or they are looking for support.  They stand before you pouring God's heart out that the whole world needs to hear the gospel.  Sitting in a pew you listen to God's heart and sometimes you hear Him say, "I want you to go", I want you to give", "I want you to pray".  I want you to be involved somehow.   I pray you listen...

 That pilot and the couple in the Hewa tribe sit just where you sit and heard God speak to their hearts.   Training came next for you would not want to do what the pilot or the couples does without it.  God loves for us to be prepared for the task so we can be more effective.  Finally after a few years you find yourself flying in a helicopter into a remote location excited to see what God is doing in the jungle.  He certainly not looking for Tarzan, He is seeking lost souls, bound for an eternal hell unless they have a chance to hear and accept the gospel. 


 My heart gets all mushy every time I watch one of these videos. Our lives,  Ace and mine,  was forever changed when God ask us to be part of the team that serves in a foreign country.  Every time we meet with a young couple home from a foreign country and hear their stories , almost every time after we leave them, one of us will say, man, I could work with that couple.  And every time we both wish we were young again, just starting out.  

Tomorrow we start off on a three day trip to northern California to meet up with four different couples serving in three different countries.  They are on home assignment now, or as we oldies call it, furlough and we get to meet them face to face and with God's grace encourage them.   Possible give them some direction for helping them settle back into stateside living.  After living in these remote place it's pretty over whelming to come back into the land of abundance.  

We have come full circle, from the stateside church, to the foreign field, back to the states and we are still part of the teams, serving as Member Care Reps for our mission.  And you who pray for us, thank you, we never cease to need prayer, never.  Some of you have supported us and for that we are grateful.  Our journey is not over............more to come......

                       Where are you in your journey?

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