Saturday, August 8, 2015

Writing has been hard for me lately due to a health issue that has required some new meds that literally makes my mind numb a lot.    Along with asking for prayer I wanted to share this song that does keep running through my mind.   

I've been in this place many times, you know that place where the only thing you can do is trust the Lord or fret.   Fretting never lift the Lord up, it always lifts up the circumstances.  

I have been reading many of your blog lately which has been an encouragement to me and  bring me back to the truth of this song.  He is the God on the mountains and the valleys.  He created both so we would learn to enjoy Him in what ever place we find ourselves.  

This little break I am taking has already been profitable for my soul.  Living with limitations tends to make us humble and God knows I need to be humbled.  But they also give us wisdom and insight into Him.  Before you get overly concerned, this is not a life threatening issue.  A little life debilitating at times in reading and writing.  

Just drop a prayer at the throne on my behalf when you get time.  Thank you. 

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