Sunday, July 9, 2017

Blessing Sunday

There is nothing more of a blessing then when God does something special for one of our children. Such was the case today as we ate dinner with our son and his three children after church.  His wife was off on a ladies retreat and we had just return from a long trip so none of us were up for cooking.

Related imageI notice this older couple sitting in the booth next to us but did not think about them being able to hear us talking. Our son was telling us about their upcoming vacation and how he was hoping to find good hotel rates.  They are not going far but far enough it requires about four nights in a hotel plus gas and eats for five and hopefully some extra to do some fun things with the kids.  We had finished our meal and was just waiting for our check when the gentleman and his wife who was seated near us came back to our table.  Honestly we did not even know they had left.  He lean in toward our son and shove some money on the table in front of him.  He said, for your vacation...our son was sort of stunned and could not say a thing, it was done and over with in a matter of a few minutes.  We all just sit there for a while soaking it in what had happened.  Did we hear the man right?  Did he really say, for your vacation?  Our son had not even counted it yet...but when he finally did it was around 150 some dollars.  It took a while for our minds to wrap around what just happened. 

God has been blessing our hearts through our children for quite some time.  Last January He provided the funds for our daughter to fly from Mn. to California to be with me during my surgery and recovery.  I had the opportunity recently to thank the people in a church in northern Mn. for helping her.  To know God cares for your children actually more then we do is a comfort and one that got us through the years of being separated during our time living overseas.  Each time God does bless them through someone besides us we are reminded they are not ours, God claims them as His, bought and paid for at Calvary.  Our part is to just trust Him for their care.  

"God will bless you and your family for honoring God by glorifying Him throughout your life"
 "The Godly walk with integrity, blessed are their children after them." Proverbs 20:7  

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