Monday, July 24, 2017


Those who know me, know I am a southern country/bluegrass gospel girl down to the bone.  In fact it took me going to the jungles of Papua New Guinea to expand my music appreciation.  

Related imageMaybe it was listening to the drum beat coming from the village every morning that got old, or maybe it was the songs being sung by people with red teeth from chewing betel  nut mixed with lime powder that turns it red.    Hard to enjoy a song when the ones who sings has a mouth full of red stuff.  

    There were times I just wanted to hear something from my music. Out would come my country/bluegrass gospel with its pure harmony and the pure story of Jesus.   Those songs brought joy to my heart and ease the struggle of living so remote.  Well, that is when there was electricity.  

Unless you have lived without electricity or on a limited supply as we were you can never appreciate all electricity brings.  All missionaries take their favorite music to what ever country they are ministering in, praying they will have electricity at least half of the time.   My missionary neighbor brought El Divo with her and played it the only way it should be played, LOUD.  

I remember the first time I heard these guys...cold chills ran all over me. Four powerful beautiful voice blending in harmony.  If I learned anything living in two third world countries where songs are sung in another language its that you do not have to understand the words, just the heart of the music. Those four Italian men who make up the group El Divo along with my country/bluegrass groups were instrumental in encouraging me to keep on for the Lord.     

Never have I appreciate music more then when we lived  overseas.     

But I will let you be the judge of what I am talking about.  
Crank it up and
 Wait for it.


I want to put this piece in , " Five Minute Friday blog link-up link up, so I must say something about the word "collect."  Years ago the piano player at our church gave me some great advice for singing. She said, learn a new song every month, one for a wedding, a funeral, a revival, church and then one that just for you.  I took her advice and now have a great collection  of sound tracts that I use when I sing.  

Music is so often the jumping off for my next post just as this one was.  I listen to El Divo and memories started flowing of  sitting at my desk in Papua New Guinea listening to music and singing along with whoever I was listening to.  I not only have a great collection of music but also a great collection of memories surrounding music. 

                                                       What do you collect?

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