Sunday, July 7, 2019


This is my 2019 monthly planner that I bought because of the cover.  I love maps and globes because they remind me life is not all about me.  Everyday,  millions of people get up and breathe God created air just as I do.   Yet when they stop breathing air into their body many will not go to heaven.  I want to be reminded on a daily bases of this so I can be ready to give an answer for the hope that lives within me.  

Recently I did some updating in my living room. I put a big map over our fireplace, a couple globes, items that remind us of the needs of the world. The map has this quote on it,  "You will receive power  when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem and in all of Judea and Samaria,  and even to the remotest part of the earth".  

Another thing I like to do occasionally to remind me of the lost in the uttermost parts of the world is to look at our pictures from our overseas mission days.  
The little girl is the pink name is, Betty Jo, after me.   

A trip into the village our daughter and family were in required a half hour ride in  a single engine plane. That is our oldest grand daughter beside her Grandpa, she was coming home for a break from boarding school.  Getting into the village is so much easier with an airstrip. The first time we went for a visit we flew into another village , got into canoes for a four hour river ride. And that is how we returned. So when the Yembi village built their own airstrip thanks to the generous people in different parts of the world we flew straight into the village.  It was amazing.  A four hour canoe trip might sound adventurous to you but once was enough for me.  I'll take a half hour single engine plane ride any time.  No alligators swimming in the sky. 

A visit in a village high in the mountains of Papua New Guinea.  These little kids loved showing me around. In this village we noticed the crosses on the grave were turned upside down.  In their belief after dying their spirit would be able to grab the upside down cross and come out of the grave.  These people have had the gospel presented in their own language and some translation of the Bible done. More is currently going on. 

 This was a surprise going away party from the men who worked on our base. They lived in the villages nearby.  They saved their money and bought us a store bought cake from town.  No ovens in their villages. It was a humbling time for us, lots of tears. 

Men and women in the Yembi village learning to read. 

Ace helping to build benches for a teaching house in a village. 

This is in the Yembi village where our daughter and family lived.  These gifts were made by hand by the folks sitting with us.  They told me to fill the basket  with food for Ace and hang it outside my house.

This last picture is the support base where we lived. From here we were able to supply food, fuel, mail, etc out to the remote villages where the missionaries lived.  On this base, we were able to provide housing for those coming out in need of a doctor, and a rest.  The Madang town was 20 miles from our base and from it we could catch a plane to a larger town or to Australia when it was serious.  Our helicopter  land right on our support center .  Surrounding us were villages where you can see the smoke from their cook fires.   We had our own generator for electricity.  The beauty of this place is being right on the ocean which has beautiful coral reefs and great fishing.  The most surprising thing for me was the sounds at night. As soon as the sun went down all the bugs, birds, reptiles, animals would start their own chatter which at times could be quite loud. It really did sound like jungle. 


  1. Thanks for the pictorial directory Betty. I admire folks who sense God's call to mission work. It is definitely a spiritual gift. Your work here in the states is essential as well. Missionaries need respite and support. you and Ace have the chance to do that for them.

  2. And we love what we do in the states. How hard can it be to take out a couple and listen for a couple hours, pray with them, give them some helpful resources and leave them in the hands of their loving God. Ace and I say this all the time to each other when there is heavy issue to deal with, "we cannot fix this", what ever it is. It's then we see God work. Maybe He will use something we said or maybe He uses the next person who talks to them, or maybe He just does a super natural thing so we all can stand in awe of Him. Never do we want to leave them looking to us for what only God can do. It such a team effort because our financial support to even have funds to take them out to eat and buy the gas or rent a room if our meetings take more then one day. We are not paid a salary from our mission. OUr support comes from individuals and churches straight from the hand of God. Those we meet will understand this for they live by faith also. You understand this principal well. The hand of God feeds those who give in your church which then feeds into your house payment and gas tank so you can host and drive you car to hold a funeral wedding, hospital visits, and tons of other task God has given you. You and your church member have their own mission field right there in Indiana. Be encouraged brother, God is using you and your members.

  3. I love hearing about your missionary time overseas and how God used you. I can only imagine all the lives the two of you have touched and made such a positive difference in. So thankful for you, sweet sister. I loved the quote at the end, too.

  4. I find it hard to write about it because I want folks to relate to what I write. so I try to use applications that create feelings that transcend time and space. It is not possible all the time to bring understanding in explaining our lives. For sure we have lived a full life but I know so many here in America who live full lives, just as full as ours has been. Really in my heart I want to take everyone overseas and let them experience that canoe ride . How I would love to meet you and see your eyes as you talk about your life. Thanks Cheryl for always being encouraging.

  5. oh what a legacy God has crafted through your faithful ministry over the years. not til heaven will you fully realize the impact your loving kindness and substantial service has had on untold people.

    bless you, Betty!

  6. Linda, you have such an encouraging heart, a mentors heart, a counseling heart, an understanding heart and a Godly heart. Thanks you for helping me see the importance of our ministry.