Friday, June 12, 2020


I heard that word in association to having a dry spell in writing. We are in a transition and the writing flow has completely shut down on me. But I am still reading a lot of your blogs and being encouraged and know as soon as this time of our life gets a little more organized things will start to move in my mind.

Keep us in your prayers as we make decisions on an old cabin we are redoing. We are starting from scratch as far as house hold goods. We did finally get all the things for a bathroom, commode, shower, sink. Next comes the bedroom, then kitchen, the living room. It’s hard to decide exactly what to get. At 73 we have set up house in two foreign countries and several states so we should be good at this but this will be our last time. This will be our forever home here on earth so it makes a difference knowing that.

Just wanted to drop in and say hello, I have not stopped blogging, just taking a little break. Sorry for the crappy word I used to describe this blog but it fit so well when I heard it. Blessings


  1. Oh, Betty, we are still here. All of us who love you and your words. I love the title of this post. Oh, I pray Holy Spirit leads and guides every decision, bringing out your creative qualities. I know your home will be a reflection of you! May you enjoy the process. We will all still be here waiting when your bowels adjust. LOL! Hugs dear friend.

    1. Well my sweet sweet friend we may have to meet somewhere in the middle of the country if we are ever going to see each other face to face. I would love for you to visit our little cabin when it gets finished. Opps, I made a huge mistake thinking it was pam who said waiting till my bowels adjusted. should have known it was do have the same funny bone that I do. Blessings.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful project to be working on...and a good excuse for not being able to write right now. However...documenting the project along the way with pictures and stories might make for good blog fodder...just saying! I love to see such activities and enjoy doing such things myself. Would LOVE to be fixing up an old cabin to live in!! So, whenever you are ready to share this fun with us, we will be all ears and eyes to see!! God bless you and have a wonderful time in the process.

    1. Hello Pam, thanks for commenting on my post. Actually, you are right, I do have a good excuse not to be writing much or feeling guilty. Love the reference to my bowels adjusting. that made me laugh.

    2. Sorry Pam, I thought I was replying to Diane comment about my bowels adjusting. Hope I did not offend you. since you are great at taking pictures I am wishing you lived near me to capture this process. We already have some funny stories that have taken place but the family won't let me share them in my blog. I will write some on the process thought, we are learning a lot. Things move slower up here than they do in southern Ca.,so that has been one adjustment. I just keep thanking God with each little things that gets done no matter how long the wait has been. We are praying it will be liveable by end of Sept.

    3. If I had known you better I might have said what she said, but since we just kind of met recently I didn't want to be too "graphic". LOL. Just hang around...I can be pretty earthy sometimes too. Oh, I would LOVE to be near by to capture pictures of the process of you restoring your cabin to live in! I can well imagine the "fun" you are having. Wondering what part of MN you are in. Our daughter in law grew up in the Deer River area, and she still has family up there. Our son and DIL hope to go up in Sept. for a visit. They are trying to talk us into going along with them. So you never know who might pop up with a camera in hand. Although by then you may be all finished and moved in! What fun!! Have a blessed day.

  3. I came yesterday and it said your post was not there. Glad you were able to fix it. I think we all hit "writer's block" from time to time. Glad you making a home for you and Ace. And I did not miss your reference-intended or unintended- of the title and your use of "crappy" in your last paragraph. :) Good to hear from you Betty.

    1. Bill, you made me laugh because you caught the unintended reference on crappy. I almost did not use it for fear it would offend but since I already use the title word I thought, why not cast all fear on the Lord. thanks for encouragement on the writer block. It's daily busy here and I get tired easy. To get anything we need for the project we must drive 30 miles one way to get it. Never thought I would get tired of going to Walmart and Home Depot....I will post some pictures later. Pray that Ace does not get hurt working, he loves this kind of word and has turned most of the ministry work over to me. Thank God for our little RV, it's our retreat from each days work. Blessings brother.

  4. God's blessings and strength as you start these projects. Enjoy the process and don't stress. Do what you can in any given day. Looking forward to see what all you accomplish. ~ FlowerLady

    1. I will have to post a few pictures along the way. We do have all the equipment for out bathroom, a commode, shower and found a used cabinet with sink in great condition. So as soon as the concrete is poured and walls us and floors that room will be done. It is exciting just watching it being made over. thanks Lorraine for commenting on my site.

  5. The cabin sounds delightful! I know, a lot of work, but it will be a labor of love, Betty. Yes, you are missed around the blogosphere, but we certainly can all understand. Praying for you!

  6. Thanks Martha for the prayers. Ace has promised me this will be our last big move until the Lord takes us home. Except he has said that before and believed it too. My daughter came over the other day to see if I was getting claustrophobia in our rv. my biggest fear was living in an rv for any length of time would dry me crazy. God has done a work in my mind because I actually love living in it. If it would stand the winters up here in northern Mn we would just stay in it. Winters are brutal and everybody we meet has told us to get prepared with lots of warm clothes, boots, heaters, electricity and propane and if the Lord provides a small wood stove. We looked at some stoves the other day, they are cute and sufficient but I think the first winter up here we will see how good the furnace does it's work. Ace is hot natured but ever since my heart surgery I stay chilled most the time. God got me through those hot humid days in Papua New Guinea where we lived on the equator so I think He is more then able to keep me warm. Ace is loving working with his hands and turned the contacting of our missionaries over to me. Face time works great and zoom makes it easy to have multiple missionaries at one time. It's been alearning curve for me but I am doing it. Thank God for the old fashion phone calls, I understand them. Blessings Martha.

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