Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Board, Blackboard, Font, Love, Hatred, I, Opposition

Hate kept me awake tonight and as a result here I am at 
2:30 in the morning writing this post.  

 I started thinking about all hateful things going on in the world, and what could I say or do that might make a difference.  The longer I laid in bed and thought about it the sadder I got and begin to cry.  Thinking about all those who have lost their lives recently, all because of hate.  Then I begin to wish I could talk to those who are rioting, killing, smashing up private property, burning cars, and ask them why they hate.  What would it take to make them stop acting on their hate? 

Coming from an abusive childhood I have felt hate more than once...it's not pretty.  I escaped it,  so I thought,  by getting married at age 17.  That is when I discovered the hate came with me. It had affected how I looked at men especially since my Dad was the abuser.  God has healed my broken heart over my Dad, which is a whole other story

Sleep was out of the question so I got up and started writing.  I may never post this but God keeps flooding my brain with thoughts I know I have to at least write them out before my 73-year-old mind loses them.  Besides, I think it's the only way I will quit crying. 

  I wish I could ask everyone, face to face, why do you hate?  I mean I can give you the reason I think you might hate me.  According to what I read, hear, see with my eyes on the news, and social media, because of the color of my skin I am fair game.  I am white, middle class, conservative, and to boot, a Republican.  I know I can be a racist because I am a sinner.  But, me telling you I don't hate you does not stop you from hating me.   

One of the things I did was look up some hate quotes, I wrote a few of them down to comment on.  Just a few. 

"It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get." Confucius   (I have to agree with this one,  being good is hard, I believe because man is sinful.  It takes no courage to be sinful,  yet great courage to fight against the sinfulness and do what is right.)  

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."


"Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater." 

George Washington Carver

(Goodness,  is this ever true.  It has to be true because those who hate others and riot and destroy property and lives are still doing these things.  Oh, it may stop for a while but one incident they think is wrong will bring the hatred back.  A small disagreement can go from dislike to hate in seconds, why is that?  Again, because we are all sinners.  Even if the Holy Spirit lives in us, hate can be so loud you cannot hear His voice that saying, speak words in love.   

"Hate destroys the very structure of the personality of the hater.... when you start hating anybody, it destroys the very center of your creative response to life and the universe; so love everybody. "    

Martin Luther King, Jr.

 (Agree on this one too.  What little news I have watched I have seen no one is creating anything lately.  In one city they took over a police station, blocks of property yet what did they create? They tore statues down but did not create anything to replace what they tore down.  Life did not get better, people were still killed, garbage piles up because haters usually do not want to pick up their own mess or they would get help for their hate. People lost their business, their livelihood.   Very few of our leaders are creating anything either, too busy hating Trump.  Hate tends to make people lazy and unwilling to work with those they disagree with even for the sake of a life.)

"God tells us in Scripture that hate is a heart issue and that someone who hates a brother is a murderer! (1 John 3:15) We are encouraged to love one another, keep short records of wrongs, and forgive others, not harboring bitterness or anger in our hearts."God

(I  saved this quote for last because I believe this is the truth about hate.  God understand hate better than anyone.  There is a time and reason for it that is Godly, God hates sin, not the sinner.  I am able to understand the fringes of God's love for mankind and it enough to make me want to control my sinful hatred and love like Jesus. I can never love as perfectly as He did, but knowing He loves me unconditionally gives me the courage to attempt to love like Him.  At this moment,  I hate no one. But I am sad for many and wish I could fix this hatred that is ruining our country and people. )

It's time to do the one thing I can do which has more power than even our president. PRAY to the Lord to change hearts.  As for me personally,  pray God gives me the courage and the wisdom to speak in love when I should and wisdom to be quiet when needed.  


  1. Good Morning, Betty. I'm so thankful for your heart. Thank you for sharing. This is a great post. Necessary. This may a bit off topic, but this came to me: God loves us all unconditionally. But, do we love Him unconditionally? Since "perfect love casts out fear", I always took that to mean God's perfect love toward me. And yes, maybe it does. But, as I was reading, maybe it's our perfect (unconditional) love toward God is what the spirit of fear cannot stand against. Our love and trust of Him should be unconditional. Great food for thought this morning. I hope you got a good rest after you posted this. HUGS to you, my precious, wise-hearted Betty.

    1. Great question Diane. I fail to love Him as hard as I do, say my husband. When I am feeling unloved, not listened to, ignored I run to His perfect love for me. Something to pray for that my love for Him would be unconditional. I know when I am feeling unloved it's because of Ace and not God. I do know I lean much too heavy on a man love for me then God's love for me or as you say, my love for HIm. Great question Diane, now I am going to do some research on this one. I know I have times I love God unconditionally but I don't want to trust that because I am so weak, it won't hold up when I get hurt. His love for me is where I run, it's always safe, never condescending, always available. Hummmm, I feel a great study coming on. LOve you my blog friend. Thanks.

  2. Wow,this was great and I pray that hearts will be touched and lives changed by it. I am sorry that you had a rough early life to begin with, but am happy to see that God has used it all to make you into the lovely woman that you are, sharing with us, His love and tender mercy for us all. Thank you ~ FlowerLady

    1. God has healed me Lorraine from my childhood hurt. I learned through God's help I did not be enslaved to what a man who has been buried in the grave for years be the center of my life. Before I was my dad daughter, before even my Mom knew about me, God knew me and loved me and knew exactly what kind of home of was heading into. He has been gracious to teach me so much while healing me all the way. But I can recognize hatred pretty easy. Thank you for the encouraging comment. Blessings on you today.

  3. Sometimes the best thoughts/writing come to us in the middle of the night. I am glad that you persevered and wrote it down and shared it with us. We are all wrangling with these thoughts and feelings these days. It breaks my heart to see and hear the things that are being done in our country that are destroying innocent people's lives, and for what? I haven't quite figured out what they are rioting about...I think it is much different than the way things started out. There is a faction of people who are so filled with hatred for God, for country, for anything that gets in their way, that they just want to lash out and destroy. I've seen some of their faces, and they are faces that show tortured souls who are possessed by hatred and evil. We need to pray pray pray, because these are not people who can be reasoned with in any way. Only God can heal them and our land. We the people need to stop fighting each other as well, and get on our knees and pray or we will lose this great land that we love. Thank you for expressing this so beautifully today. I pray you were able to finally rest once the writing was done.

    1. Hi Pam, it is hard to figure out what they are fighting about. I think I know then I read another thing written and get a surprised. If I knew it all I could not fix it. I must without fail take it to the Lord. Thanks for your encouragement Pam.

  4. What you've written here is amazingly powerful, Betty. The hate on full display in this country breaks my heart, too. It is always destructive, never constructive. With you, I will be praying for this nation and those who don't know the Lord. If they did, they would be choosing love over hate every time.

    1. Thanks Martha for your comment. I wanted to tell you of the two squired, small ones that play outside on a tree I see everyday. They are so cute and I was looking forward to having my grandchildren from Ca watch then while they were here. But we had a visit from messing black bear for couple nights and I have not seen them since. We are putting our garbage inside, sorting it and we think he moved on. Our cats are still alive, just hoping the squirrels come back. And no more black bears, lots out this year the locals told us, more then normal. Living in the northwords of Mn. Blessings my blog friend.

  5. Great quotes Betty! I do believe I agree with everything you have said here. I "hate" hate. I "hate" how it is exhibited with abandon. Makes me sad to see all those who hate and those who are caught up in it without realizing what it is. And you are right. God is the only one who can change that hate to love. Well done here!

    1. There is a great blindness going in our world today. People use to have more of a softer heart to work with but years of hatred and lies and everything else around us has harden our hearts. Before we know it we have stepped into the ring with the devil and hate is pouring out of us. I fear for my own heart because it's so easy, I've walked hate before. I try to remind myself everyday He loves me, He can give me all I need to maneuver my heart around the schemes of the devil. I have been crying more lately because I had a health scare that resulted in an ambulance , all day in emergency room, test. Thank God it was not my heart, or Covids. Turned out to be a UTV in which the shaking was so bad I am still sore all over from it. But his cause me to miss of our son and family visit, taking them back to the twin cities to fly out. I have been a crying mess for two days. Thank God I let the tear pour out of me instead of hate. Hope all is well with you and family brother.

  6. Preach it sister - - I am preaching too

    1. Gid us showing me more and more how diligent I must be in praying. So much cannot be done except pray. I think that what frustrates me, I want something done. And I do know God is working in so many areas getting us ready for the end battle so we can show other the battle is won.

  7. Good morning sister Betty. I like all the quotes you posted especially the last one. Sorry to hear about your past experience from someone who should have protected you but instead had hurt you. But I'm grateful we have the Father above Who heals our broken hearts.

    Hate. It's one thing. I see a lot of spirits actively rebelling. Lies. Murder. Hate. Rebellion. Pride. The arena is the mind. Followed by the heart especially the one that has not accepted God's love and grace. The spiritual enemy didn't cover each mind with regards to seeing colors. But instead the enemy covered the mind and the heart from the truth. Coupled with the lies from media, the local citizens will not be able to discern the truth anymore. I agree with you. That we, believers must be persistent to pray. I always pray for revival. For many hearts to see God. His love. Accept His grace. For their minds and hearts to be uncovered bare and see the unseen sins. Thank you for this post. It is exhausting to hear and see what's going on. But not all is being reported. I pray for godly leaders to be protected and always be guided by the Lord. Then again, believers or not, it all comes down to obedience to God. Who is willing and who is not. May God bless you and keep you strong.

    1. You are so right, the arena is the mind. I knew you would jump on this with praying knowing prayer is the best weapon we have. Thanks.

  8. Hate is a killer, isn't it, friend. The enemy of our souls must be rubbing his hands with glee. May all those who follow Jesus Christ join forces, no matter what our skin color, our political leanings, our denominations, to rebuke the evil one's efforts to divide our world, our country, our churches, our families, our relationships.

    Reign, King Jesus, Reign!

  9. How many people Linda have you counselled through the years on hate? I know you know too well how it can destroy everything. Needs lots of wisdom right now due a friend I am working with, a women over an issue that could destroy their marriage. Right now it's hurt and some outburst of hate. She has sinned against her husband and is ashamed and sorry she got caught more then she is broken over her sin. Please pray I have wisdom as we talk or I do more listening then talking. I know she is not telling me everything.

  10. The greatest thing to help us overcome hatred is to recognise that the warfare is spiritual. We do not war against flesh and blood. For Jesus to be sacrificed for all, even murderers, is the true love that does not keep a record of wrongs, and that is why it is so important to pray for all men everywhere to come to the knowledge of salvation through Him.

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