Wednesday, August 5, 2020

"Even If/Right Now"


This song has never resonated as much to me as it does right now.  I have several friends who are hurting greatly and need a touch from the Lord right now.  Right now I am, along with so many praying for healing, physically, emotionally, mentally, in every way one can be healed, they need it, right now.  

And I know God can do it too, right now, believe it in the deepest part of my soul. Yet I know some will not get what they need, here on this earth.  

I am also into a book titled,  "I've Seen The End Of You", by W. Lee Warren, MD.  He is a neurosurgeon who writes about his look at faith, doubt, and the things we think we know.   

In the Prologue, titled, Life Gets Messy he quotes Psalm 78: 35 After all they endured, they remembered that God, the Most High was their Rock, their Redeemer.  

He continues to say, "often the things we think we know are just that, things we only think we know".   As a surgeon, he has looked at a patients brain scan and sees cancer, knowing what is coming in the months ahead.   This is where the title of the book becomes real. He coins the phrase, "I've seen the end of you."  He goes on to say, he has also seen the end of himself due to serving as a doctor in a war, going through a divorce and then unimaginable loss at the deathbed of his shattered faith.  

It's such a sad, helpless feeling to talk to someone whose faith has been broken by pain so deep, loss of whatever kind has stripped their faith down to the bone.  This kind of brokenness can come no matter how strong they have stood on the rock of Jesus.  The three parts of us, body, mind,  and spirit all can be tested, tried, and found wanting.     

In his words, "what happens when our messy lives mess with what we think we believe?"

I love this quote by Graig Groeschel:  If you have questions, ask away.  Just be prepared when God answers.  

I have had, a couple times questions for  God to answered and was totally blown away from His answer.  I have wished I had not asked, wished He had not answered.  Sometimes His answers are hard and leave wounds that leave a scar or never heal.  What God wants is for the hard times, the wounds and scars to be used as a platform for us to reach others.  

The song speaks to that, even if there is no healing, even if divorce comes, even if we lose our job, even if we question.  He does not have to question our ways, our questions, He is the only answer for all the even if's.  


  1. My wife loves Mercy Me. I do like this song and as you say, it is relevant. So glad to hear you are reading Dr. Warren's book. It will be on my list of Book of the Year for 2020. And it is so appropriate for our times. I am agreeable with Dr. Warren: faith and doubt can go hand in hand.

    1. Bill I appreciate your comment but I must tell you, you were seeing a rough draft and I don't know why it posted. In fact, it still has not all been posted. Something crazy is going on. Oh well, despite all the issue you understood enough to comment, thanks. Enjoying the book greatly, sending it to someone tomorrow. Blessings brother.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I have recently said 'no more books', but I am intrigued by this one you mentioned.

    "He is the only answer for all the even if's." Amen and Amen.

    1. Lorraine, not sure which version you read because it posted before I was done. All of it still is not posted but thank God you have an interest in the book. I am about 1/3 into it. It's one of those you want everyone to read because of reading from the perspective of a doctor and his pure honest open words on his struggles drew me in right away. If you do read it, let me know your take on it. Thanks for commenting on my post.

  4. Betty, I don't know which version I've read, but either way, your post is powerful. I love this Mercy Me song. Even if! Yes! Love to you, Betty!

    1. Diane, I think what happened was my last two short paragraphs I did not save. Oh, my mind is a little crowded so that I saved as much as what is there is all the Lord. I cannot listen to this song without crying and wanting to fall to my knees and thank Him that all the hard things are not a waste. He will use it for others but also it will meet us at the the fire pit in heaven when our works are burned, our motives are made clear for what ever we have done or not done. Only a few will be 99 percent gold, for Christ is the only 100 percent. To even be at the fire pit will be awesome. I am grateful that fire pit is inside heavens gates and not here on earth. Thank you for the encouragement, you always lift my spirits. This post came easier then that one on hate. Love you blog friend.

  5. In all our trials and tribulations, God is always the answer to those "even ifs," Betty.

  6. Amen, Betty. In the end, it's all about Him.

    In the midst of. In spite of whatever is coming at us.

    Therein is our peace.

  7. He has taken care of the end...we just need to not waste our in spite of's. Peaceful is exactly how that song makes me feel. Blessings Linda.

  8. Oh yes. Those "even if's" of life that become realities that we never dreamed possible...but even if they happen, God is still God, and I will still trust Him. There is no other way to live this life.

    1. I replied once but for some reason it did not post. It's in this times I could throw a hissy fit cause I cannot figure out what is wrong. But I am grateful I have another chance to say, thank you Pamela for commenting on my site. I have been very emotional lately, a good emotionally with lots of tears which is good for me because it is not angry but humility God is working in my heart. I so need it too. Blessing Pam.

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