Tuesday, July 27, 2021


How does a person prepare for loss? How does a person maintain hope when at death’s door? How does a person have confidence in his faith when he wakes up to the worst possible situation? The incredible journey in this true story, as told by author Dave Wall, will take you to the brink of what every person will someday face: the death of a loved one. You will laugh and cry while finding answers to some of life’s toughest questions.

DNR - Do Not Resuscitate, is told in a deeply personal way. It will take you through the dramatic story of Dave’s wife’s double brain aneurysm that struck the morning of August 6, 2020. You will see an amazing puzzle come together one piece at a time. The story points directly to the fact Dave and his family were prepared by God Himself for this tragedy. You will see hope when no hope is visible. You will see confident faith overcoming daily hurdles that never seem to end. And you will learn how to live a win-win life no matter the circumstances.

( I had the honor of writing the forward for Dave Wall book because we are personal friends with he and his wife, Cindy. Together we served in Papua New Guinea with Ethnos360 formally New Tribes Mission for several years. You will not be able to put the book down as Dave writes about the trial that came into their life. It will challenge and encourage your faith all at the same time and cause you to tear up. And, it will make you ask yourself, what if that happened to me or one of my loved ones? What or Who would I be holding onto for strength, wisdom and comfort? You will not be sorry you bought this one and I pretty sure you will be telling others about it.) You will find this on Amazon.com, Kindle or paper back.


  1. Being the medical POA for my mother, Betty, I just went through this trial. It is heartbreaking, but without the Lord's presence, it would have been impossible. I don't know if reading this book at this time would help or hurt. Hope I don't hurt your feelings if I pass on the offer at this time.
    Please pray for us!

    1. No problems, totally understand. You are so right, without the Lord's presence it would be impossible. My heart goes out to you ,I went through it in 2016 with my mother. Prayers.

  2. I am sure this is a heart wrenching, but hopeful story. It is good to know that our faith in the Lord carries us through such trials when we were least expecting to have such a trial to go through. God knows, and yes, He prepares the way even when we aren't aware. God is so good to us. I can imagine this is a very good book.