Sunday, August 1, 2021


 Our son children  brought the  smooth rocks on the right to me from a trip they took to the ocean a few years ago.   They knew I had kind of have a thing of using rocks to decorate the yard with.  I brought them  with me to Northern Minnesota when we moved.   The rough rocks I pick up  the other day as hubby and  took a short walk on a wooded trail near where we live.  

I decided to display them on a small table that I see all the time to remind me where God has brought me from.  

When I started my walk with the Lord at 35 year of age, I was rough around the edges. As my pastor would tell me, I was a diamond in the rough.  That worldly rough wisdom I had learned from the world God would use to show me what didn't work in life.  From the minute I became a believer He begin to knock those rough edges and dirty place off me.  

As I walked with Him on a daily bases and especially through some tough trials He begin to smooth the edges off me and clean me up.  The Bible calls this the process of sanctifications and He does this for every believer.

I see me now in those smooth rock my grandchildren gave me.  The ocean  change the look of rocks,  as they  wash over and over  and  changed their appearance to be more pleasant to look at.  They are certainly are easier to handle then those rough dirty jagged edge ones on the left.  

 Sanctification is the process of becoming more like Christ in our conduct and character. The objective of this pursuit of moral integrity is to be holy as God is holy (1 Pet. 1:15, 16). 

In his recent book, How Does Sanctification Work?, David Powlison gives us five factors towards our sanctification:

  1. God. “It is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure” (Phil. 2:13)
  2. Truth. The truth of God’s word taught, sung, preached, studied, and read is one of the surest means by which the Spirit brings about change in our lives
  3. Wise people. God mediates our change “through the gifts and graces of brothers and sisters in Christ.”
  4. Suffering and struggle. Though we don’t relish it, suffering and struggles work towards our growth in Christlikeness. Difficulties prompt us to rely on God. Writes Powlison: “People change because something is hard, not because it goes well . . . Struggles force us to need God.”
  5. You change. Scripture calls us to actively believe, obey, trust, seek, love, confess, praise, and take refuge. We are not passive. The mystery of faith is that we are 100% responsible, yet 100% dependent on outside help.

How these factors play out in each of our lives may look drastically different. The Spirit is at work, applying the objective work of Christ, yet that work touches us all differently. While journeying towards the same goal, each believer will have a distinct path which they will tread.


I heard this said, some grow like turtles, getting run over a lot.  Others grow like a rabbit, off to fast start but stops to eat a lot.  Either way the goal is to be like Jesus in the process.  

Which one are you, a turtle or rabbit?  


  1. Oh, Betty, what an intriguing question you have posed to us at the end of this post! Which one am I? It's a difficult one for me, as I can see places in my life when I have been a turtle, and then, a rabbit. There have been times when, like the turtle, I had to feel the extra pressure to move forward in my Christian journey, and others, when God so supplied all my needs, I felt like I could sit out and rest. We have to find the happy medium, don't we? God is always and ever working in our lives. May we open to His Word and His inspiration.

    1. As I think about my journey with God I was a total rabbit in the early years of my walk. As I mature a little, to mature me more deeper trials came in to drive me to go deep with Him and be a turtle. I have slowed down to a turtle pace since I have learned the value to go slow and make sure I get all I can from my day or event of my life. Growing deep was not in my mind when I first got saved, but it's important to me now. Blessings Marth.

  2. That's indeed a great reminder sister Betty of those rough rocks vs the polished ones in relation to our being refined even more so from the inside by our Lord's love and grace. He is a Holy God, so it's really a must to go through His refining process in order for us to be more like Him. I don't know if I'm a turtle or a rabbit. Like the previous commenter, I see myself as both in this journey of mine.But I pray to finish this race and prayerfully be told that everything was well done and that I have been good and a faithful servant! Stay strong in the Lord's mighty power!

    1. I am sure you, like all of God's children experience both the rabbit and turtle, since both are from Him. I pray the same thing, to be told, "well done faithful servant".

  3. Such a beautiful analogy of the sanctification process. I believe it is different for every believer, and like the others above, it can be a combination of those turtle times and the rabbit times...sometimes we are slow to 'get it', and other times we catch on fast and run with our new found faith and knowledge, but then we come to a roadblock or a detour and we have to slip back into turtle mode and let things sink in a while before we can move forward. Life is full of sharpening and smoothing processes. One thing is for a Christian, we should never stop growing and becoming more like Christ. We may take some detours along the road, but our end is in sight...and when we finally have completed the race, our crown awaits in glory...that crown we will surrender back to Jesus at His feet. Loved this story to wake up to this morning. Thank you. Good thoughts to ponder with my first cup of tea. Have a blessed day.

    1. thank pam for you always encouraging comment. I, like you have been both in my growth, a rabbit at first then slowed down to a turtle when God wanted to take me deep into His love. Glad He is in both paces.

  4. It's taking a life-time to smooth the rough edges of my soul! I'm a slow learner - yet He never gives up, doesn't chide me. Since He designed me - and how I do things, He understands. Your analogy with the rabbit and turtle - I think some days I am a bit rabbity - and other times, quite turtley! Yet, God is with me all the way!

    1. It does take a life time and like you, I am so glad He never gives up on us. It matters not to Him if we are a rabbit or a turtle, just so we grow at what ever pace if for us.