Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Fried Chicken

 Wasn't going to post this week, to many things going on. Then I read a post over at, After Thought, who wrote about her past two years of writing in the blogging world.  I thought it would be good to review and see if I had grown any in my writing skills.  I started blogging 2007 as a way to use the creative side of me and to me it was kinda like a journal.  First blog post below: I am totally white headed now)

Ladies, this is especially for you just in case you are wondering what you could do on the mission field or anywhere God has placed you. 

There are some women who are very gifted at languages and translation, praise the Lord if you are one of them. But I am not, I barely can talk the trade language Pidgin. 

Some of you may be computer smart, skilled in bookkeeping, but that's not me. Which is why my husband Ace does not ask me to help in the finance office. 

Teachers are greatly needed to teach missionary children at the boarding school but since I do not have a teaching degree no one is after me to teach.
There is also no call on my life to preach , but there is a call to teach women. 

God has called me to be a wise hearted woman just as He did those women in Exodus 35 who were helping to build the Tabernacle. Those women were willing to use the gifts and abilities, such as spinning goat hair to be use for the curtain surrounding the Tabernacle. Again something else I cannot do, spin goat hair but my desire to be a "wise hearted woman" led me to ask the Lord to give me a ministry that would support those reaching people who have never heard the gospel. 

That's how the fried chicken ministry got started.....a good dinner of fried chicken with the works will fill the belly but will also provide a time of fellowship that can be used to encouraged and help our missionaries adjust to living in a third world country. 

Most of missionaries are tucked away in remote bush locations for months at a time and when they come out need somewhere to stay and refresh themselves. A fried chicken dinner is a little touch of home and puts a smile on everyone face and gives me great joy and brings God glory.

 I will never be famous like Colonel Sanders but here in the country of Papua New Guinea,  just ask any New Tribe missionary and others we have hosted about Betty's fried chicken. Just this past week we had a family out for a break with their children and what a treat to see those children chow down on that chicken leg and drink sweet southern tea. Conversation flows freely around a table set with love and has the feel of home to those who have left their homes to minister in far away places. 

Because of this part of my ministry I have rubbed shoulders with women whose lives and experiences have made them wise beyond their years. So let me invite you to come visit us and we will sit down together over a plate of chicken, mashed potatoes and the ever full pitcher of ice tea and talk of the things God is teaching us. Then after our food has digested we can take a walk in a nearby village where what you will see will affect your heart forever. 

You might be wondering what part does my husband play in my ministry beside helping to eat all left over chicken when there is some. Well he is the best dishwasher a wife could ask for. I am really praying he does not break down for I do not know where I would get another like him. 

Let me challenge your heart first to be "wise hearted", willing to look for ways to use what ever skills, talents, abilities God has given you at what ever age. I have many friends who use the gift of encouragement in so many different ways. some send packages to missionaries, emails, cards, support financially and pray a lot. These women are my support team helping me support another team reaching people who have never heard the gospel. Be a 'wise hearted" women today and bring God glory.


  1. What a wonderful ministry to the “ministers “. I can well imagine how marvelous your fried chicken and southern sweet tea hospitality felt to those who were far from home and such creature comforts. That truly is a wonderful blessing and I know it was appreciated. I could use that “blessing “ right now!🤩

    1. Wished you live near to me for I would have you over for a comfort meal. If our health would be better we would have stayed over seas. But wisdom and knowing frail health affected others was the push for us to come home. My ministry can be done anywhere and I still do it, not quite as often as I did in PNG but when I can I love to fry up a meal and serve it.

  2. God has given unique talents to all of us, Betty, but it's up to us to find and use them for His glory. Seems to me you've achieved that perfectly with your fried chicken and fellowship!
    Blessings, my friend!

  3. And you my dear blog friend have the talent to touch children hearts with you books. Thank you for always being an encouragement to all who follow you.

  4. Nothing shows love more than a fried chicken dinner.

  5. Bless you Hazel, pray you are doing well.