Friday, November 3, 2023

Chasing Pills


When things get frustrating it's good to have a laugh and be thankful. I don't always find things to laugh about or be thankful for during a hard time, but today God opened my eyes after I spent almost an hour filling up my pill container.

My phone rang right I finished popping my pill into those little compartments in my pill holder. Most of the time I have to get on the floor and look under my chair or across the room for those pills I dropped, those are the times I am frustrated with myself. For sure aging brings on clumsiness and stiff joints that makes its hard to chase pills.

While I am on my knees, I sense the Lord trying to teach me something about being thankful such as, I can now fill my own medicine container. A few months ago, I could not do it, could not keep it straight in my head how much and even if I needed certain pills, so my daughter and husband took over. The second bout with Covid took a toll on my mind and things got jumbled up and it took it a while to unjumble.

Nothing better than laughing with a friend because we both share in the benefits from it. She called for herself to be lifted up and in turn she lifted me up. What a ride from discouragement to encouraged.

I hope I am giving you a little laugh for the next time you are on your knees looking for that tiny little pill you dropped. Thank God for the pill, and that you can get on your knees, especially if you can get back up.  Blessings  

I was telling my friend who called just as I got through finding the pill I dropped, and yes, it did rolls and bounced quite a ways.

As I listened to her share her heart about a frustration happening in her life I started laughing as I said, sometimes all it takes is being thankful for the ability to fill a pill container to drive frustration away. She started laughing with me and her laughter made me really laugh more.

Still laughing.


  1. Honestly, Betty, if anything today requires me to get down on my knees, I've lost before I've started. They don't work anymore!!! However, we can always find something to laugh about and for which to be thankful. Laughter is so good for us; it heals and it heartens.
    Blessings, my friend!

  2. Glad I found this blog! At 60+ I can relate! As a Christian, I can certainly identify with how I need to view 'challenges'. Thank you for this post.

  3. as my sister always says, 'sometimes you just gotta laugh'