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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Following Jesus

Today I realized something important to me about blogging.  I love to follow those who follow Jesus.   If time would allow I could spend the whole day just reading posts, the replies and exploring new sites.   I come away from time spent in the words of those who are "courageous and wise hearted"  encouraged and with more thoughts then I can possibly process.  Quilting, recipes sharing, scraping booking tips,  crafty ideas and pictures of people do not encourage me as much as words about what God  has done or doing in your life. 

Below is a few  of the sites I often drop in on.  These visit always  bring emotions such as tears, laughter, silent,  and sighs  and always deepens in me an increased passion to "follow Him." 

Crown of Beauty......Lidy
Joy's Notepad.....Joy
But For the Grace of God.....Floyd
Apples of Gold....Pam
Pain Won't Beat.....Martha
An Encouraging Word....Diane
Great Pain, Greater Glory....Judi
He Gives Me A Song...Glenda
Sassy Granny....Kathy
Transitional Woman...Elizabeth
Prayer Notes...Cynthia
Off The Beaten Trek...Rosel
The Shticks...Veronica

Thank you dear ones for being willing to step out and share all God has taught you...sometimes bearing your soul, spilling tears as you write, knowing misunderstanding could comes but you risk...for the sake of encouraging one soul on the other side of your words.   

A closing thought:  I love the picture at the top.... it big enough to see from the beginning of the road and just becomes bigger as you near the end.  It's like you could walk right into His arms just over the horizon.  Hummmmm think I will sit a while and focus on "following Jesus". 
      Maybe you could share a few words on "following Jesus...I would love the encouragement.