Saturday, June 2, 2012

Following Jesus

Today I realized something important to me about blogging.  I love to follow those who follow Jesus.   If time would allow I could spend the whole day just reading posts, the replies and exploring new sites.   I come away from time spent in the words of those who are "courageous and wise hearted"  encouraged and with more thoughts then I can possibly process.  Quilting, recipes sharing, scraping booking tips,  crafty ideas and pictures of people do not encourage me as much as words about what God  has done or doing in your life. 

Below is a few  of the sites I often drop in on.  These visit always  bring emotions such as tears, laughter, silent,  and sighs  and always deepens in me an increased passion to "follow Him." 

Crown of Beauty......Lidy
Joy's Notepad.....Joy
But For the Grace of God.....Floyd
Apples of Gold....Pam
Pain Won't Beat.....Martha
An Encouraging Word....Diane
Great Pain, Greater Glory....Judi
He Gives Me A Song...Glenda
Sassy Granny....Kathy
Transitional Woman...Elizabeth
Prayer Notes...Cynthia
Off The Beaten Trek...Rosel
The Shticks...Veronica

Thank you dear ones for being willing to step out and share all God has taught you...sometimes bearing your soul, spilling tears as you write, knowing misunderstanding could comes but you risk...for the sake of encouraging one soul on the other side of your words.   

A closing thought:  I love the picture at the top.... it big enough to see from the beginning of the road and just becomes bigger as you near the end.  It's like you could walk right into His arms just over the horizon.  Hummmmm think I will sit a while and focus on "following Jesus". 
      Maybe you could share a few words on "following Jesus...I would love the encouragement. 


  1. I would say: Following Jesus is hard but so worth it.

  2. Bill, you said few words but they are packed heavy with truth. My hearts automatically goes to the old song.ll
    It will be worth it all
    When we see Jesus
    One look on His dear face
    All sorrow will erase

    Thanks Bill for stopping by...Blessing this Sunday morning.

  3. Beautiful!!! There's so much strength in you, Betty! Just beautiful! All of you!

  4. My funny stick figure friend...we count you part of, "all of you."


  5. Yes, Betty. I can see Jesus living in you, dear wise-hearted and courageous friend.

    Among all of us in our COF, you are one of the most grounded with His word and ministry.... you have gone to so many soils bringing Jesus to those who need to know Him.

    In following Jesus, I have been persecuted (not the bloody type though), but nevertheless painful because I have lots of my kin who are not Biblical believers... (you know what I mean). I ache for them to know Jesus closely.

    Someone told me that my pantry will run dry because I have given up the religion I was born into. Little do they know that it is not religion but relationship (with Jesus)that will make us Children of God and inherit heaven.

    I will just show them WHO Jesus is in my life, that He is alive and reigns forevermore.

    Thanks for this Betty.

  6. Amen, amen, amen Lolita...if it was only religion you had it would run dry...BUT WITH JESUS IT NEVER RUNS DRY.

    Those family members do not know what they are up against with a prayer warrior such as you...trusting God with you for their salvation.

  7. Hi Betty, it's so nice to meet you and thank yo dropping by my place for a visit. I hope you will come back again....

    I too like to visit friends in the blog world that love Jesus because no matter what they are doing His light is shining through them....

    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Thank you so much for including my blog, Betty! My prayer is that it would be a place of encouragement and bring glory to Him.

    When I think of following Jesus, I think of being led by the Good Shepherd - the Gentle Shepherd, who knows me intimately and only wants the best for me.

  9. Nancy...thanks for visiting my site. I am interested in your mountain retreat for ladies. We came home Sept 2011 from serving seven years in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes, came home very weary. In March 2012 we moved to Ca to continue ministry with our mission. The move itself was hard so I have been looking into a place to rest, refresh and soak in some good encouraging teaching. So I do believe I was directed tgo your to yoru site by the Lord.

    Glenda...thanks for stopping by, just reading your words, "gentle Shepherd" caused peace in my heart. Good to be reminded He is who I need to turn to...the gentle one.


  10. You have a very lovely blog! Your last post would be a great link up for the "Pay It Forward" blog hop that's posted over on my blog. Feel free to come by and visit and link up if you'd like. It's always so nice to meet new blogging friends.

  11. Betty, I feel privileged that you had my blog on your list. I am blessed as well by reading yours.
    Lately I've been thinking that following Jesus is uncomfortable. Sometimes it's really hard and it hurts...but the alternative is worse.

  12. Betty, thank you for publishing this list of Jesus followers. It's a lovely resource as I love to read other people's stories of what God is doing in their life.

  13. Holly...welcome, welcome, welcome...I have not done any "link" up yet...thanks for the offer, just might do that. Blessings

    Elizabeth I so agree with your reply...(following Jesus is uncomfortable. Sometimes it's really hard and it hurts...but the alternative is worse.) Have found myself in those uncomfortable places so many times..just know you have stepped on the front lines at that's the bloodiest place to be... will find encouragement for your soul on these blogs...thanks for stopping by...and by the go girl.

  14. I love that picture you posted...reminds me of a lot of uncertainties in this narrow path when we choose to follow Jesus. To me, that is a true courage. To declare our love for Him no matter what the cost.

    Thank you for mentioning my blog. It is "Off The Beaten Trek" and you may call me Rosel. I am grateful to the Lord that through blogging, He blessed me with so many siblings in His Holy Name who inspire me also, encourage me and increase my faith with their own. Like you...God bless and protect you sister.

  15. My dear, precious, wise-hearted, courageous, Betty!

    Thank you for including me in your list. Thank you for posting about all of those on your list. Isn't it awesome that God has brought us to so many "like precious faith" Beleivers?

    Following Jesus...

    Following Jesus has been the joy of my life for almost 30 years.. My born again experience was so dramatic. The subsequent healings of my mind and body, deep inner healings from traumatic life experiences; deliverances; and bringing my son back to life when he died - these are just a headline of what Jesus has done for me.

    I cannot do anything but follow Him in humbled obedience. With all my heart, I follow hard after the Love of my life!

  16. Diane...your honest open post encourage me to keep posting. I just shared with a young missionary couple how God used you and your husband in our lives to help us in our ministry. They are struggling with finances and just added one more child to their family. We have encouraged them to reach out beyond their "normal" way of meeting relationships even though blogging. There is a wealth of prayer warrior out there wanting to be a part of what God is doing all over the world. You and your husband are a part of our ministry in many ways and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Blessing on you dear friend.

  17. Betty, It is our honor to be a part of your life and ministry. TRULY! We are sowing into good soil!!!

    Please pass the young missionary's info on to me.

  18. Funny, I was stopping by your post today for the very same reason you read others. What a pull on my heart strings to find my name on your list. I'm honored.

    I have to say, your way with words and how you express yourself from the heart is encouraging and comforting. Thanks for sharing your self with this community as well, it is a blessing.

    I love that picture too. The road disappearing over the hill conjures up so much in the imagination, especially because it leads to our Salvation.

  19. Betty, nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my site "Jottings from Jennifer."

    Oh yes, I love that Isaiah passage too. How wonderful to think of God longing to do anything, huh? He waits to have compassion on us... wow.

    It's nice to browse your site here. You work with New Tribes? That's wonderful. :)

    Thank you. Have a great week.

    Jennifer Dougan

  20. I too love the fellowship and inspiration from fellow believers. I feel like they are my friends..and I pray for their new job, their husbands health, their sons operation etc...really, a beautiful thing!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  21. Jennifer, nice to meet you too. Yes our hearts are sold out doing whatever we can to help reach the least reached. Now due to health, not really age ,we are limited to assisting those on furlough or going out for first time in six southwestern states. Been a huge change from over seas living but God is able. Like you site and plan to recomment it to a young wife. Blessings.

    Annmarie, thank you for stopping by my site. I did try to get back on your site...not sure why it won't let me. Will try again. Blessings.