Monday, November 6, 2017

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting and childWe met up with this young couple, Coleton and Shawna while home to have their second baby.  It was instant connection and not just because we four are with Ethnos 360 (New Tribes Mission).  I mean they are young, 20's, we were late late 60's so sometimes you can lose a connection due to that age gap. There was no gap of any kind with these two.   Why?  They both had teachable hearts, so refreshing.  A teachable heart reaches out knowing they do not have all the answers.  Trust me, we have worked with those puffed up with pride, and we always walk away from them discouraged. This couple left us encouraged.  Ace and I both said, they will make it.  Below is something Shawna put on their facebook that so blessed me I wanted all to read it.  So go ahead, read, get a blessing too. 
Shawna Williams wife of Coleton shared this about what kind of husband it takes to be a missionary in a remote location. In writing this, she also gives us a peek at what kind of wife it takes to follow the lead of man of God into a remote village so those living in the village can hear the gospel. She speaks the heart of anyone who willing to sacrifice for the sake of others.

I am so proud of him. Seriously. I am so lucky to be his. This guy is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He is slow to anger, always sees the best in everyone (even when I am trying to point out someone else’s flaws 😜), he loves his children fiercely and always makes time for them. He is purposeful about spending time with me, always asks how he can help, and doesn’t even mind my crazy antics. Seems perfect right?

Well he’s not. Bubble bursted? Well it’s honestly one of the things I love the most about him. He’s not perfect, nor does he try to be, and because of that, I see the Lord working in him daily. I’ve said before how unqualified I am to be a missionary, and how I hate to camp and outdoor fun. Well people, that doesn’t just stop with me. This guy is also not a fan of being adventurous, he’s not a hiker, or a camper, or an extreme risk taker. He’s not flashy, tremendously outgoing, and he doesn’t enjoy being the focus of attention.
BUT... here he is. Teaching this morning from Gods word, in another language he worked so hard to learn. Over the past 2 years living in the village, I’ve seen him literally squirm with uncomfortableness. This is not “his thing.” His idea of a good time is shopping and eating awesome food. It’s going to some cool event or being pampered. It’s not going on crazy hikes to “no mans land,” or constantly being covered in flies. It’s not being outside or cooking over a fire. It’s not having all eyes on him. Everything about who he is, fights against what we do every day here, but here he is.
I was brought to tears this morning just admiring his faithfulness as he taught from Gods word. Admiring his sacrifice to be here. Admiring his love for the Lord and his willingness to do hard things. You may have a perfect husband, but mine isn’t. Mine is relying on the Lord every day to make him a better man, husband, and father. Mine recognizes that in his weakness the Lord is strong. Plus he looks good too 😉❤️ #Husbandman #missions#ethnos360


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