Monday, November 22, 2021

Rhythm of life.

The creation story in Genesis 1 has rhythm. The passage of day into night is a constant rhythm. The passing of seasons, the changing of tides. We are surrounded by rhythms in nature. Rhythms that sustain the life of our entire planet. affect our metabolism, our cognitive abilities. We create new life rhythmically. Our body keeps its beat through the constancy of our pumping hearts. 

What happens when those rhythms are interrupted? When we interrupt the circadian rhythms that sustain us by not sleeping enough of being over caffeinated? When the rhythms of the seasons are disrupted by climate change? When the rhythms of daily life are obliterated by violence and war? 

I can still remember the first time I read through the book of Ecclesiastes and how encouraged I was. It took away some of my fears, changed my expectations, changed my attitude toward change.

Ecclesiastes invites us to find rhythm in all things, so that we can be at peace with how life is constantly changing. We are also invited to honor those rhythms rather than dominating them when they can be inconvenient for us. With this passage we can embrace that life is, indeed, a part of death; that peace always should follow war; that there are times when we experience sorrow, but that sorrow is followed by joy and laughter.

Anxiety is bound to happen when the rhythm of our lives is changed. I have sure been experiencing my share of this lately. I don't question it anymore because I do believe it's even a part of the rhythm. Out of anxiety we can see our need for the Lord and learn trusting Him for all life brings. Thankful God put Ecclesiastes in the bible for us to draw from during hard times. Age comes to all of us, and with age comes ailments that change the rhythms of our life. I am learning a new song lately, finding the joy of the Lord wrapped up sometimes even in the pains of life.

How the rhythm of your life going?


  1. I totally understand this. I too have had some rhythms of my life changed lately, having recently had surgery that has made me a bit slower in response than before...the older we get the longer it takes to get back into our "normal" (whatever that is) rhythm when things are disrupted for any reason. So, we go with the flow and make adjustments and carry on the best we can with what we have to work with. OUr Thanksgiving will be a little smaller in number this year because of it, but it's all okay. We will be thankful all the same. Good post. You are reading my mind. Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you also Pamela. We are joining my daughter and husband and youngest at her inlaws house. Only seven of us this year but I am so grateful for any of my family or friends that can be together. I have been studying about rhythn since last year when my health took a nose dive. So much has changed in one year, completely bringing a different pace for sure. I wonder how much I will be able to recover at this point. I appreciate your visiting my site, I do think we are in the same place at this time of our lives. Blessings.

  3. Betty, hi! I never thought of anxiety as being part of a rhythm, but you are indeed right. This helps recalibrate my understanding of this unpleasant caller and reminds me that God can redeem our thorns in the flesh.

    May Advent's rhythm bring us peace, hope, and renewed joy!