Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Cathedrals - I Thirst

Our ten year old grand daughter has a boy who let her know he likes her so she is super excited.  She likes him too but does not want him to know it, he is 9.  It was revealing as I listened to her go on and on about him.  The excitement over whelmed her. 

Now to us who were listening to her, Grandpa and Grandma was not as excited as her, but we do understand that first little touch on the heart for someone to like us.  

From the womb we do all we can to get someone attention. As little children and even older ones we will even do bad things to get that attention.  I know how I strived as an adult to get my husband to approve of me, to give me that validation that he loves me.  It's built into us from our creation.  
Goodness, we even kick our mother while in the womb as if to say, hey I am here, notice me. 

So this need is from the Lord, bred into us so we will turn to Him for all our needs.  Which is why I love the song above. I thirsted for 35 years in usually all the wrong place for something to quench   my thirst.  Read about several religion but none satisfied me inside or filled up that water hole in my soul.  

Only Jesus, the Thirst Quencher  could do that.  


  1. Such a sweet story about your granddaughter, Betty - it made me smile!
    And yes, there is only one thirst quencher, and that is Jesus.

    1. I was working on another post for the blog about inspiration when upon hearing our grand daughter talking about a boy liking her, up popped inspiration. Then this short post and song popped in my mind. Not sure when the post I started will be finished, if ever.

  2. If only our sin-darkened, miserable world could see that the answer is only found in Jesus. SO thankful His living water quenches every longing in the human heart! God bless you, sweet sister.

  3. When I am around lost people and really listen to them talk and remember that was me once appoint of time, it humbles me. It humbles me because so many prayed for me especially my sweet Grandma. It motivates me to pray for those who do not know Him and peace one can have in this dark world. bless you too.

  4. Hi sister Betty! I tried leaving comments before but I don't think they get posted. I wonder if it's because the changes Google is doing re: Google plus?

    Anyway, that's cute but I can't speak for the Grandma... :) Crushes... But may the Lord bless your granddaughter that someday, she'll meet and be with a godly man. Blessings and may you always stay strong in the Lord's mighty power.

  5. I think you are right sister. In fact I am going to switch to Word Press. I am praying I do not lose my post in the transfer. But others are having trouble getting on my blog. I am so glad it not a crush the Lord has on us, crushes are fickle.

  6. Hello Betty~ I found you after you left the sweetest comment on my birthday posting and now I am happily following you.
    After scrolling through your posts I found that you had been interviewed by our dear and precious Cheryl, and I would like you to know that your interview is what drew me to find you.
    What a story you have to share! How I missed that interview only God knows, but it blessed my heart at the right time, God's time.:)
    I was going to try and e mail you, but couldn't find an address on your site.

    This is quite a thought provoking post, and so very true.
    Thank you for sharing your beauty with us ♡

    Blessings Debbie ~