Friday, June 14, 2019

"For Good"


A  dear friend of mine reminded me today through this song how important we are to each other.   She and I worked together for a couple of years in a  school  office.  People, even Christians  cannot work together on anything without there being an opportunity to get offended and misunderstood.

As children of God we are suppose to be different, not a grudge holder,  not held captive by feelings of anger or unforgiveness.  It is when we rub shoulders with each other that we are sharpened and changed.  Each relationship we have, good or bad is meant for our good.   I have had more good relationships than bad ones of which I am thankful.  But I have learned the deepest lesson from the bad ones , they drove me to my knees for insight and wisdom and that supernatural love that help me rise up and be what God wants me to be.

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My friend, Debbie reminded me about the two plants she brought for our offices.  They made the office look so much better.  She still has the spider plant and think of me every time she waters it.  She was heartbroken one early spring when a freak freeze came and froze the plant then  thawed it to a dripping mess.  She ripped everything off that was dead and all that was left was the roots,   A few weeks later it begin to grow again which really surprised her.

I read this in tears for that happened to me after we worked together over some huge hurt that hit my heart and filled it with disappointment that froze me for almost a year.  I read God's Word, but the only thing that got through to me during that frozen stage was Job 26 where God's says He hangs the earth on nothing.  I felt if I just hang on by my hurting finger nail to that truth He would bring me through it .

Only the love of Christ can mend a broken frozen heart.  After about a year I begin to thaw out because I begin to forgive God's way.  I could write story after story  about the people God brought my way to help grow me up in the Lord

.  I have not seen my friend, Debbie since 1999 but God knew who I needed to hear from today.  She and I got along great because we took the time to understand each others ways and respected each other. I am so grateful for relationships that have been for my good and even for those  that hurt at times but taught me much.


  1. Thanks for that gentle reminder that God does some of His finest work in the midst of our trials ...

    1. Please go back and read the rest of the story about my friend contacting me today with a story about a spider plant. She had no idea what I was writing about today. It will bless you heart.

  2. Such a wonderful reminder, Betty, that God can use both the good and the "frozen" times to reach out to us, molding us slowly but surely into His image. Blessings, my friend!

  3. Blessings to you Martha. I wrote this yesterday in between doing some other things and did not realized how much it needed edited. When my friend contacted me I thought, oh, I must write about this before the flow stopped and I forget what I want to say. In my excitement I get too wordy..thank God you understood what I was trying to say, you are the one who is a blessing.

  4. Thank you for this encouragement, sweet friend. Everyone needs good friends like your friend, Debbie, and like the dear friend you are to her! Many blessings to you both!

  5. It's too easy to fill our minds with those who have hurt us as if they are our gods.

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  7. Blessings come to us through people who touch our lives, if we are open and allow God to Use Us, often when we don't realize it!
    An old message I once heard a preacher teaching.. Let go and Let God!
    I too was brought to tears, when I read the private message from my precious friend Betty.
    My first thoughts, I looked towards heaven in tears, blown away by God's presence... Without knowing why, God gave words someone needed, to receive a powerful blessing.
    Two of my sisters, commented.. Questioning my writing. One even asked, was it my diary posted there by mistake.��
    They had me going back and re-reading my own post, more than once. I found myself wondering, WHY had my thoughts led me to post it, when I did?
    God is always the answer!
    Thank you Lord, for blessing two very long time friends. I miss you Mrs. Betty you!

  8. I love that the plant came back. What a beautiful analogy of what the Lord can do with our hearts, too. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Betty!

  9. As you well know Lisa how hard it is to trust when one is frozen, thawed out, dripping and slimy, how hard it to see ones self alive again. Honestly I thought I would never be able to get over the hurt that year, never be able to forgive. Thank God for a long suffering Savior who stick right with us through the process of healing. I often think of our Savior as He hung on the cross saying in agony, Father forgive them, they know not what they do. Our heart can be so deceptive, it can render us unknowing of our own sins as we try to pluck the splinter out of someone else eyes. I have never been cripple and God healed me to walk again. But I have been crippled by deception and forgiveness has given me insight once again. Thanks Lisa for commenting.

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