Sunday, April 4, 2021

Just like Job


At the end of Ted Dekker book, "Heaven" he says this, "we are all Job's one way or another".  We belong to God and declared righteous not for what we do but because of our belief in Jesus and His shed blood on the cross. The whole book is about God and Satan battling for the souls and minds of man.  Dekker is able with words to paint a vivid picture of what  that battle looks like in the heavens and also here on earth.  No matter what Satan throws at Job, he never deny God.  I am sure Job must have felt like dying many times but God had put a hand on Satan and kept him from killing Job.  The book is a great picture of the love of God for His creation and the length He will go to bring us to redemption and back into a relationship with Him.  

I came away from the book encouraged that God has done and will do the same for me.  I have been sifted and found want wanting several times yet God did not let Satan take my life.   He set up barriers and hedges to keep me safe.  And there are times I felt that safety net of love surrounding me.  But more important then feeling it is I know it, deep down in my soul and that knowledge  help me understand why God put the story of Job in the Bible.   I have believed God's Word even though at times when the evil in the earth  makes me want to scream at God to stop this madness in our world.  To put an end to the pain we suffer and bring peace.   I believe without a doubt He will end it someday and until then I need to understand the battle going on for the sake of my testimony.  

I read this recently on a blog post while I was reading Ted Dekker book and it ran true in me.  

"If you don’t do anything about your mental garden, your mind and spirit will continue to war against each other. This is usually an unconscious pattern. For example, God’s word will tell you to give, but your mind constantly tells you to hold on to everything you’ve got. Your mind tells you to always get the last word, but God says to turn the other cheek and a soft answer calms the situation. Again, your mind tells you to work hard and strive for success, yet the Bible says, seek God’s kingdom first and everything you need will be added unto you.

If you don’t address the false thinking that contradicts God’s word, you’ll continue to be what the Bible calls “double-minded” and because we continue to waver in our desires and beliefs, we can’t receive anything from God. 

Job was not a double minded mind and even when his friends and family told him to deny his God he did not give in because he knew in whom he had believed in.  

The battle always starts in the mind.  My former pastor use to say, you cannot keep the birds from flying over your head but you can keep them from building a nest in your head.  

For sure there are battles between good and evil we can see all over the world.  Watch TV for five minutes and you will be made aware of it.  It's easy to allow the things we hear outside what the bible teaches us to cause us to drift from His Word. 

2 Corinthians 11:3 – “But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from
your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.”

How is your mind it consumed by fear of the virus or whether or not to wear a mask?  Is it tossed on issues brought to us from the media or does it stay on the things of the Lord.  What times we live in, we have so many more choices to chose from because of communications, so many tools for Satan to use against us, to keep our minds frustrated.  

Just as Job's so called friends confused him so the world voices confused us. Clarity for living today comes from God's Word.  Set you minds on Romans 12:2 – “Do not conform any longer to the pattern (conditioning) of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.”


  1. Jesus once said not to be concerned about the one who can kill your body but the one who can kill your soul (paraphrased by me). He knew we would be vulnerable to an inside attack. We may get hurt outside but the physical can't touch our soul. That last Scripture says it all "be transformed by the renewing of your mind" not "by the renewing of your body."

    1. I personally think this is why He exhorts us to hide the Word in our hearts because they can take our Bibles away but not what is hidden in our hearts. Hope all is well with you and family Bill.

  2. The world is full of "stinkin' thinkin'" but the Word is true and pure. Let us hang on with all we are and all we have to God's promises.
    Blessings, Betty!

  3. "stinkin thinkin" now that is a southern phrase. It's amazing to me when I am around someone who has had some kind of brain issue how they can recall things from long ago and suffer from something that happened five minutes ago. Aging brings that to us...I am always saying , now what was it I wanted to remember? Yet I can tell you what took place in my life 50 years ago. Our brain is designed to hold information that we can draw from if we put good stuff in it. Blessings to you also Martha.

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    I’m now your newest follower! I love your blog!

    1. thank you Linda for your visit and I do appreciate your information in my private message.

  5. A much needed post, Betty. So, so true. The battle that rages surely is in our minds. I love the Ted Dekker quote!

  6. many thanks for visiting me and your kind and dear comment. my beliefs are different than yours, i hope you will understand that. still, i wanted to thank you!! if this is public, you may delete it if you would like to!!

  7. No deleting you Debbie. I just took a tour of your sweet the windows in your living room. Blessings.